Welcome to the
Global Freemasons Club
of Andland

Meaning of the Freemasons: -

The Freemasons is a word driven from the word; 'mason' and meaning of the world mason are:

In modern dictionaries - meaning of the word 'mason' described as the mentioned above, but in history of civilizations the 'mason' means; workers (workers to build a city/nation/country-BCE Forte based country/nations). And in history of civilization; it is found that - movements of workers from one civilization/city/nation/country to another nation/city/country was strictly prohibited. That is why by some wise leaders of societies the movements; 'Free masons' was started, and the words 'Freemasons', 'Freemasonic', 'Freemasonry' etc. was formed.

At the beginning of the 21 Century (since 2008 AD), we hereby initiated the 'Global Freemasons Club (GFC) of Ansland' to assist movements of the Workers/Labor - free in corners of the world, so that unprivileged citizens of any nation would able to find a better pay work in corners of the word to support/help their family members financially for a better living…

If you are a member of any unprivileged society and want to get a work/job for a better living for your family members as well as for a better future of yourself, you can receive our counseling and help as well… With limited resources we are trying our best to be a participant to establish peace & harmony for unprivileged citizens in corners of the world.
No matter from where you are, to receive assistance from us (Global Freemasons Club) only condition is;
'you will have to be committed to be a good human till ends of your life in this world.'

For more details just write/contact us to the email: gfc@ansland.com